Central PA's Exclusive DeckOn Installer

It started when a client contacted us asking if we build decks inside pools. Being that we take pride in our Innovative approaches on home improvement needs, our curiosity of this odd request piqued. We immediately met with our client, a retiree that simply had no time to maintain his pool. but had plans on selling his home within the next several years. After understanding his vision, our first Deckon pool removal was completed. 

Reversible Pool Removal

DeckON Advantage

  • Maintain the equity of a pool without the hassle of maintenance
  • Infinity Cut Deck
  • Customized Look
  • Trim Head Screws
  • Adjustable Elevation
  • Adds Space to your Yard
  • Versatile and Reversible

Don't fill in your pool!

  • Save time and money
  • Eliminate Pool Maintenance
  • Abolish unsightly green water
  • Spare your expensive pool equipment
  • No more Safety Concerns
  • Add decorative and functional space to your yard

Is DeckON For me?

  • Is your pool only being used once or twice a year?
  • Are your tired of your pool but fear devaluing your home?
  • Are you unable to maintain your pool at the moment but want the option to use your pool in the future?
  • Are your tired of keeping your pool covered and having unsightly murky puddles on top?